Robin Vyas Bio

  "Music is the vernacular of the human soul" -Geoffrey Latham. Robin's musical journey sprouted from humble beginnings in Reseda, CA.

  By the age of 7, Robin had experienced an array of painful and poignant childhood moments. Born to parents who immigrated from India, the household was tumultuous, chaotic, and full of uncertainties.
  He used music to imagine endless possibilities.

  He used music as a way to escape...

  The soundtracks of that time in his life included slow jams, rock, R&B, hip hop, funk, and dance. George Michael, Boyz to Men, Babyface, Usher, 112, and Mariah Carey held a place in his heart that would inevitably transform his thoughts into music. Robin recalls, "My mom would always tune to Kost 103.5 Love Songs. It is there where I developed a love affair with emotional, heart-piercing songs."

  Music didn't come to him until the age of 27.

  At that time, an injury squelched his dream of being a major league baseball player. Robin also felt the loss of love for the first time. Devastated by these two events, he started writing to cope with the pain. With no prior connection or education in music, his songwriting was born.

  Musically, his songs are both emotional and enchanting. Lyrically, his writing has unique syncopation; the rhythm and tempo of the words are fresh and organic. He expresses emotion with honesty and a childlike view; eyes wide open.

  His musical genres include soul, pop, rock, R&B, and hip hop. He's also a poet who writes about love, loss and persevering.

  As he continues to experience life, his writing continues to develop. He is currently collaborating on his debut album with professional songwriter/instrumentalist John Keller, who wrote the #3 hit song on the Billboard Hot 100 "Love Is" by Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight.

  Robin's music can be heard on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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