The Road To Recovery
by Robin Vyas

The road to recovery is not that easy.
A path so hard that's what it leaves me.
A time to see things differently.
A mind so fragile it's never breezy.
But I guess that's part of life.
That's partly why,
I went to a side and closed my eyes.
To escape so that I can survive.
And pray that I will live a life
of satisfaction.
No sad reactions.
Keep myself in continuous action.
Be proactive and live life to the fullest.
Grab life by the horns and just pull it.
This world I live in,
tells me to give in.
Simple times we are no where living.
It is everywhere.
I'm living in it.
I try so hard but I never fit in.
I'm holding on.
Been falling for so long.
The things I thought were right were just so wrong.
I question myself,
where do I belong?
It's just another day where I fight to be strong.

Real Love
by Robin Vyas

I've always wondered,
how our relationship is sometimes under,
the weather.
Will it get better?
Or should I surrender
to the thought of us not being together.
What's the real truth?
Can the truth be in you,
that the love that we have
always stayed in its youth.
Life continuously produced
and never ceased to introduce me,
that there is always a beginning, a middle, and an ending.
I've always loved you,
even though your love is pending.
I've always wanted you,
even though you may not want me.
And that's the dilemma that life has presented me.
My eyes are wide open.
You are right in front of me.
I'll fight for this life with you,
until I cannot breathe.